L e live on this beautiful planet called Earth, probably the only







Environmental Value,


L e live on this beautiful planet called Earth, probably the only one among the eight

planets, which has life-a planet which is full of flora and fauna, well-equipped with Nature’s bounty enough for all. However, man has exploited and is still exploiting its natural resources to satisfy his selfish needs. Factories dumping toxic wastes into the oceans and releasing poisonous gases into the atmosphere are polluting our Earth beyond repair. Among these environmental problems is also that of certain species of animals becoming extinct due to our careless and greedy attitude.

The Endangered Species of Animals

Noshir and Menaz were giving a presentation to their class on conserving and preserving the environment, especially the endangered animals. Noshir’s father helps an institution to spread awareness in this regard. Mrs Rajan, their teacher, welcomed the idea saying that this issue was indeed important and it was nice of them to share their knowledge with the rest of the

class. Noshir: Respected Madam and dear friends, we welcome you all. As we all know,

many Indian animals are on the verge of extinction. Majestic tigers, wild dogs, Sarus cranes, ancient turtles and Asian elephants are some of the few wonderful creatures that future generations may not see at all. Let us understand why this is happening and what we could do to

prevent these animals from extinction. Menaz: Extinction means the wiping out of an

entire species, whether plant or animal, from the face of this Earth. This happens when enough care is not taken to ensure the survival and breeding of the animal or when such animals are hunted without any hindrance. Do you know that the


Value-3: Environmental Value 11


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