Gender equality means not just giving a woman her due rights as a human be


Like the right to birth, the right to good education and career and legal rights hur also her right to live with dignity and respect. This would mean not just giving h protection against physical abuse (physical harm), but also ensuring that her basic rights are not denied. Although there has been a lot of progress made in this respect there remains a lot to be done. This can be achieved only when society is made more aware of their duty towards enforcing gender equality through all sections of society.

Better Late than Never

Sushma lived in Mumbai. She was a 37-year-old mother of two kids. The elder girl, Meena was thirteen years old while the younger one Mohit was seven years old. Meena was in the 7th standard and Mohit studied in the 2nd standard. Her husband, Mahesh worked in a very reputed company at a high post. However, his behaviour was far from respectful or decent. Mahesh treated everyone around him as if he were

Doing them a great favour by being around them. He never treated Sushma with respect and always taunted her about one thing or the other. Sometimes, it was her average looks and at other times, it was the way she ran the house. His behaviour was very unpredictable and one would never know what would anger him suddenly.

At times, even a doorbell ringing would make him lose his temper and he would take it all out on poor Sushma and the children. The children had lately started behaving with their mother in the same manner as their father did. They would insult her and put her down in front of almost anyone. Sushma would scold them but it somehow did not make any difference to them. 18 Treasures of Life – 8 Jeevandeep

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