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RGV asks for Military

"Viewing the audiences straight back on roadways in breach of this lock-down I suspect that the solidarity found in Janata Curfew on sunday was a One afternoon global.  That the military needs to be set up In the event the Covidiots are idiotic.  They clapped and cheered other services, the health practitioners, both the press as well as the policemen and also out of now they truly have been dismissing them Here really can be their #COVIDIOTS's excellent solidarity.  Never noticed that the phrase societal distancing in English speech earlier and today it has been the hottest term in Language speech" RGV tweeted.

RamGopalvarma is busy focusing in an intriguing project concerning Disha's murder and rape episode which occurred in Hyderabad town.  The manager has an idea about the Coronavirus epidemic.  By now, his thoughts are place by RGV out also also then he commented on Janatha Curfew which became so powerful.  The manager opines the army ought to be deployed accordingly which people don't roam round from the metropolis.

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