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Coronavirus : Popular actor arrested for allegedly selling fake COVID19 Cure

Middlebrook is confronting an single felony count of tried cable fraud for allegedly agreeing investments to get an organization named Quantum Prevention CV Inc. to sell nutritional supplements he promised could stop COVID-19 ailments plus a chance to treat the virus,'' accounts
He was detained after an FBI sting, at which he delivered a bunch of supplements, at Los Angeles on March 25.

Actor Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, that seemed at"Ironman two" along with also television struck"Entourage" was detained by FBI representatives for allegedly trying to market a bogus coronavirus heal.

Middlebrook"falsely asserted" to one probable backer that basket-ball celebrity Earvin"Magic" Johnson was about the board of directors,'' however as stated by the affidavit,''"Mr. Johnson confirmed to investigators which he understood practically almost absolutely nothing at all regarding Middlebrook"s business"

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